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Monday, October 4, 2010

GTA San Andreas PC Cheat

Enter The following cheat in game

 LXGIWYL = Weapon Set 1, Thug's Tools
PROFESSIONALSKIT = Weapon Set 2, Professional Tools
UZUMYMW = Weapon Set 3, Nutter Tools
HESOYAM = Health, Armor, $250k
BAGUVIX = Semi-Infinite Health
CVWKXAM = Infinite Oxygen
ANOSEONGLASS = Adrenaline Mode
FULLCLIP = Infinite Ammo, No Reload
TURNUPTHEHEAT = Increase Wanted Level Two Stars
TURNDOWNTHEHEAT = Clear Wanted Level
BUFFMEUP = Max Muscle
KVGYZQK = Skinny
AEZAKMI = Never Wanted
BRINGITON = Six Star Wanted Level
WORSHIPME = Max Respect
HELLOLADIES = Max Sex Appeal
VKYPQCF = Max Stamina
PROFESSIONALKILLER = Hitman In All Weapon Stats
NATURALTALENT = Max All Vehicle Skill Stats
AIWPRTON = Spawn Rhino
OLDSPEEDDEMON = Spawn Bloodring Banger
JQNTDMH = Spawn Rancher
VROCKPOKEY = Spawn Racecar
VPJTQWV = Spawn Racecar
TRUEGRIME = Spawn Trashmaster
RZHSUEW = Spawn Caddy
JUMPJET = Spawn Hydra
KGGGDKP = Spawn Vortex Hovercraft
AIYPWZQP = Have Parachute
ROCKETMAN = Have Jetpack
OHDUDE = Spawn Hunter
AMOMHRER = Spawn Tanker Truck
ITSALLBULL = Spawn Dozer
FLYINGTOSTUNT = Spawn Stunt Plane
MONSTERMASH = Spawn Monster
CPKTNWT = Blow Up All Cars
STICKLIKEGLUE = Perfect Handling
ZEIIVG = All green lights
YLTEICZ = Aggressive Drivers
LLQPFBN = Pink traffic
IOWDLAC = Black traffic
FLYINGFISH = Boats fly
EVERYONEISPOOR = Traffic is Cheap Cars
EVERYONEISRICH = Traffic is Fast Cars
JCNRUAD = Smash n' Boom
SPEEDFREAK = All Cars Have Nitro
BUBBLECARS = Cars Float Away When Hit
OUIQDMW = Free Aim While Driving
GHOSTTOWN = Reduced Traffic
FVTMNBZ = Traffic is Country Vehicles
BMTPWHR = Country Vehicles and Peds, Get Born 2 Truck Outfit
SPEEDITUP = Faster Gameplay
SLOWITDOWN = Slower Gameplay
AJLOJYQY = Peds Attack Each Other, Get Golf Club
BAGOWPG = Have a bounty on your head
FOOOXFT = Everyone is armed
BLUESUEDESHOES = Elvis is Everywhere
BGLUAWML = Peds Attack You With Weapons, Rocket Launcher
ONLYHOMIESALLOWED = Gang Members Everywhere
BIFBUZZ = Gangs Control the Streets
NINJATOWN = Ninja Theme
BEKKNQV = Slut Magnet
CJPHONEHOME = Huge Bunny Hop
KANGAROO = Mega Jump
CRAZYTOWN = Funhouse Theme
SJMAHPE = Recruit Anyone (9mm)
ROCKETMAYHEM = Recruit Anyone (Rockets)
TOODAMNHOT = Very Sunny Weather
ALNSFMZO = Overcast Weather
AUIFRVQS = Rainy Weather
CFVFGMJ = Foggy Weather
YSOHNUL = Faster Clock
NIGHTPROWLER = Always Midnight
OFVIAC = Orange Sky 21:00
CWJXUOC = Sandstorm
*Drive on the water,Do nothing,and auto complete pimping mission is doesn't exist in PC version

Dominance War

Rise Of Nation PC Cheat

Press ENTER to bring up the console and then just type the cheat below

Result Cheat Code
1000 more of all resourcescheat resource all+1000
Kill object or all selectedcheat die [name or no entry]
Machine guns around every human capitalcheat safe
Set all players to human and full mapcheat sandbox
Set AI statecheat ai [on, off, or debug]
Set difficultycheat diff [0-5]
Display achievementscheat achieve
Force alliance with nationcheat ally [name]
Force peace with nationcheat peace [name]
Force war with nationcheat war [name]
Force encounter with nationcheat meet [name]
Force encounter-off with nationcheat unmeet [name]
Turn off computer controlcheat human [name]
Turn on computer controlcheat computer [name]
Defeat nationcheat defeat [name]
Victory for nationcheat victory [name]
Show or change technologycheat tech[name][tech or all][on or of]
Show or change resourcecheat resource [name][goodtype or all][+ or -][number]
Show or change age for nationcheat age [number][name]
Show or change military level for nationcheat military [number][name]
Show or change civic level for nationcheat civic [number][name]
Show or change commerce level for nationcheat commerce [number][name]
Show or change science level for nationcheat science [number][name]
Show or change all library tech levels for nationcheat library [number][name]
Toggle full mapcheat reveal [on or off]
Toggle bounding box modecheat bbox [0 or 1]
Show combat rangescheat ranges [0 or 1]
Adjust damage to object or all selectedcheat damage [name or no entry][+ or -][number]
Insert unit or building at pointer locationcheat insert [number][type][who=RED][x,y]
Insert unit or building at pointer locationcheat add [number][type][who=RED][x,y]
Finishes selected building(s) or next item in queuecheat finish
Drop a Wild Bird at pointer locationcheat bird
Drop a Nuke at pointer locationcheat nuke
Packs the currently selected unit(s), if they are packing unitscheat pack
Deploys the currently selected unit(s), if they are deploying unitscheat deploy
Change game explore configurationcheat explore [normal, explored, all]
Toggle game pausecheat pause [0 or 1]

Age Of Empire III Pc Cheat

Press ENTER to bring up the console and then just type the cheat below

X marks the spot ... Reveals map
Medium Rare Please ... Stocks 10000 food
Give me liberty or give me coin ... Stocks 10000 coin
Nova & Orion ... Stocks 10000 XP
A recent study indicated that 100% of herdables are obese ... All animals on map are fattened
Speed always wins ... Building rate doubled
Sooo Good ... Random saying when killed by infantry
This is too hard ... Clears current map in single player
tuck tuck tuck ... Stocks monster truck in retail version

Age Of Mythology Pc Cheat

Press ENTER to bring up the console and then just type the cheats below
  • ATM OF EREBUS : 1000 gold
  • BAWK BAWK BOOM : Get the chicken-meteor god power
  • CHANNEL SURFING : Skip to next scenario in the campaign
  • CONSIDER THE INTERNET : Slow down units
  • DIVINE INTERVENTION : Use a previously used god power
  • FEAR THE FORAGE : Get the walking berry bushes god power
  • GOATUNHEIM : Get a god power that turns all units on the map to goats
  • IN DARKEST NIGHT : Make it nighttime
  • ISIS HEAR MY PLEA : Get the heroes from the campaign
  • I WANT TEH MONKEYS!!!1! : Monkeys galore
  • JUNK FOOD NIGHT : 1000 food
  • L33T SUPA H4X0R : Faster build
  • LAY OF THE LAND : Show map
  • MOUNT OLYMPUS : Full favor
  • O CANADA : Have a lazer bear
  • PANDORAS BOX : Get random god powers
  • RED TIDE : Makes water red
  • SET ASCENDANT : Show animals on map
  • THRILL OF VICTORY : Win game
  • TINES OF POWER : Have a forkboy
  • TROJAN HORSE FOR SALE : 1000 wood
  • WRATH OF THE GODS : Get the Lightning Storm, Earthquake, Meteor and Tornado god powers
  • WUV WOO : Have a flying purple hippo
  • LETS GO! NOW! :faster gameplay, there are 2 spaces between GO! and NOW!
  • MR.MONDAY : AI handicap
  • ENGINEERED GRAIN : Get more food from animals

Hell In Vietnam Cheat

Press [~] to bring up console and press capslock then you just type CHEAT. its gonna transform into Cheat. then deactivate the capslock and then just continue typing the cheat ex: Cheat.GodMode() [its work on my computer]

Cheat.GodMode() - Godmode
Cheat.AddAmmo() - 500 Ammo
Cheat.GiveAllWeapons() - Give every available weapon
Cheat.TuneClip() - Increase Ammo Capacity for Currently Active Weapon
Cheat.TuneGun() - Increase RateOfFire for Currently Active Weapon
Cheat.GiveAllAmmo() - Gives some ammo for all Weapons
Cheat.NextMission() - NextMission (jump to the next single player Mission)
Cheat.FullHealth() - 100% Health
Cheat.GiveKnife() - Get Knife
Cheat.GiveMachete() - Get Machete
Cheat.GiveColt() - Get Pistol
Cheat.GiveColtAmmo() - Get ammo for 9mmShort
Cheat.GiveDesertEagle() - Get PistolHeavy
Cheat.GiveDesertEagleAmmo() - Get ammo for 12mmShort
Cheat.GiveSnWmod39() - Get SnWmod39
Cheat.GiveSnWmod39Ammo() - Get ammo for SnWmod39
Cheat.GiveSpas() - Get RifleSpas
Cheat.GiveSpasAmmo() - Get ammo for Shotguun
Cheat.GiveM16() - Get Rifle
Cheat.GiveM16Ammo() - Get ammo for 8mmLong
Cheat.GiveAK47() - WeapponRifleAK
Cheat.GiveAK47Ammo() - Get ammo for AK47
Cheat.GiveMP5() - Get SilencedMP5
Cheat.GiveMP5Ammo() - Get ammo for 9mmParabellum
Cheat.GiveM14() - Get M14
Cheat.GiveM14Ammo() - Get ammo for M14
Cheat.GiveM16A1() - Get M16A1
Cheat.GiveM16A1Ammo() - Get ammo for M16A1
Cheat.GiveM60() - Get M60
Cheat.GiveM60Ammo() - Get ammo for M60
Cheat.GiveM79CAW() - Get M79CAW
Cheat.GiveM79CAWAmmo() - Get ammo for M79CAW
Cheat.GivePPSh41() - Get PPSh41
Cheat.GivePPSh41Ammo() - Get ammo for PPSh41
Cheat.GiveRPK() - Get RPKHand
Cheat.GiveRPKAmmo() - Get ammo for RPK
Cheat.GiveSniper() - Get RifleSniperHeavy
Cheat.GiveSniperAmmo() - Get ammo for 14mmLong
Cheat.GiveCrossbow() - Get Crossbow
Cheat.GiveCrossbowAmmo() - Get ammo for Bolt
Cheat.GiveM40Remi700() - Get M40Remi700
Cheat.GiveM40Remi700Ammo() - Get ammo for M40Remi700
Cheat.GiveRocketLauncher() - Get HeavyRocketLauncher
Cheat.GiveRocketLauncherAmmo() - Get ammo for Rockets
Cheat.GiveGrenadeLauncher() - Get Grenade Launcher
Cheat.GiveGrenadeLauncherAmmo() - Get ammo for Grenade launcher
Cheat.GiveRPG7() - Get RPG7
Cheat.GiveRPG7Ammo() - Get ammo for RPG7
Cheat.GiveGrenade() - Get Grenade
Cheat.GiveClaymore() - Get Claymore
Cheat.GiveWeaponKnife() - Get Knife
Cheat.GiveWeaponAK744() - Get AK74
Cheat.GiveAmmoAK74() - Get ammo for AK74
Cheat.GiveWeaponAK74Granatnik() - Get AK74Granatnik
Cheat.GiveAmmoAK74Granatnik() - Get ammo for AK74Granat
Cheat.GiveWeaponFamas() - Get Famas
Cheat.GiveAmmoFamas() - Get ammo for Famas
Cheat.GiveWeaponFRF2() - Get FRF2
Cheat.GiveAmmoFRF2() - Get ammo for FRF2
Cheat.GiveWeaponHKPSG1() - Get HKPSG1
Cheat.GiveAmmoHKPSG1() - Get ammo for HKPSG1
Cheat.GiveWeaponHKUSP() - Get HKUSP
Cheat.GiveAmmoHKUSP() - Get ammo for HKUSP
Cheat.GiveWeaponLRAC89() - Get LRAC89
Cheat.GiveAmmoLRAC89() - Get ammo for LRAC89
Cheat.GiveWeaponM1911() - Get M1911
Cheat.GiveAmmoM1911() - Get ammo for M1911
Cheat.GiveWeaponMilkorMGL140() - Get MilkorMGL140
Cheat.GiveAmmoMilkorMGL140() - Get ammo for MilkorMGL140
Cheat.GiveWeaponMP5sd6() - Get MP5sd6
Cheat.GiveAmmoMP5sd6() - Get ammo for MP5sd6
Cheat.GiveWeaponRPG7() - Get RPG7
Cheat.GiveAmmoRPG7() - Get ammo for RPG7
Cheat.GiveWeaponSPAS12() - Get SPAS12
Cheat.GiveAmmoSPAS12() - Get ammo for SPAS12