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Monday, October 4, 2010

Hell In Vietnam Cheat

Press [~] to bring up console and press capslock then you just type CHEAT. its gonna transform into Cheat. then deactivate the capslock and then just continue typing the cheat ex: Cheat.GodMode() [its work on my computer]

Cheat.GodMode() - Godmode
Cheat.AddAmmo() - 500 Ammo
Cheat.GiveAllWeapons() - Give every available weapon
Cheat.TuneClip() - Increase Ammo Capacity for Currently Active Weapon
Cheat.TuneGun() - Increase RateOfFire for Currently Active Weapon
Cheat.GiveAllAmmo() - Gives some ammo for all Weapons
Cheat.NextMission() - NextMission (jump to the next single player Mission)
Cheat.FullHealth() - 100% Health
Cheat.GiveKnife() - Get Knife
Cheat.GiveMachete() - Get Machete
Cheat.GiveColt() - Get Pistol
Cheat.GiveColtAmmo() - Get ammo for 9mmShort
Cheat.GiveDesertEagle() - Get PistolHeavy
Cheat.GiveDesertEagleAmmo() - Get ammo for 12mmShort
Cheat.GiveSnWmod39() - Get SnWmod39
Cheat.GiveSnWmod39Ammo() - Get ammo for SnWmod39
Cheat.GiveSpas() - Get RifleSpas
Cheat.GiveSpasAmmo() - Get ammo for Shotguun
Cheat.GiveM16() - Get Rifle
Cheat.GiveM16Ammo() - Get ammo for 8mmLong
Cheat.GiveAK47() - WeapponRifleAK
Cheat.GiveAK47Ammo() - Get ammo for AK47
Cheat.GiveMP5() - Get SilencedMP5
Cheat.GiveMP5Ammo() - Get ammo for 9mmParabellum
Cheat.GiveM14() - Get M14
Cheat.GiveM14Ammo() - Get ammo for M14
Cheat.GiveM16A1() - Get M16A1
Cheat.GiveM16A1Ammo() - Get ammo for M16A1
Cheat.GiveM60() - Get M60
Cheat.GiveM60Ammo() - Get ammo for M60
Cheat.GiveM79CAW() - Get M79CAW
Cheat.GiveM79CAWAmmo() - Get ammo for M79CAW
Cheat.GivePPSh41() - Get PPSh41
Cheat.GivePPSh41Ammo() - Get ammo for PPSh41
Cheat.GiveRPK() - Get RPKHand
Cheat.GiveRPKAmmo() - Get ammo for RPK
Cheat.GiveSniper() - Get RifleSniperHeavy
Cheat.GiveSniperAmmo() - Get ammo for 14mmLong
Cheat.GiveCrossbow() - Get Crossbow
Cheat.GiveCrossbowAmmo() - Get ammo for Bolt
Cheat.GiveM40Remi700() - Get M40Remi700
Cheat.GiveM40Remi700Ammo() - Get ammo for M40Remi700
Cheat.GiveRocketLauncher() - Get HeavyRocketLauncher
Cheat.GiveRocketLauncherAmmo() - Get ammo for Rockets
Cheat.GiveGrenadeLauncher() - Get Grenade Launcher
Cheat.GiveGrenadeLauncherAmmo() - Get ammo for Grenade launcher
Cheat.GiveRPG7() - Get RPG7
Cheat.GiveRPG7Ammo() - Get ammo for RPG7
Cheat.GiveGrenade() - Get Grenade
Cheat.GiveClaymore() - Get Claymore
Cheat.GiveWeaponKnife() - Get Knife
Cheat.GiveWeaponAK744() - Get AK74
Cheat.GiveAmmoAK74() - Get ammo for AK74
Cheat.GiveWeaponAK74Granatnik() - Get AK74Granatnik
Cheat.GiveAmmoAK74Granatnik() - Get ammo for AK74Granat
Cheat.GiveWeaponFamas() - Get Famas
Cheat.GiveAmmoFamas() - Get ammo for Famas
Cheat.GiveWeaponFRF2() - Get FRF2
Cheat.GiveAmmoFRF2() - Get ammo for FRF2
Cheat.GiveWeaponHKPSG1() - Get HKPSG1
Cheat.GiveAmmoHKPSG1() - Get ammo for HKPSG1
Cheat.GiveWeaponHKUSP() - Get HKUSP
Cheat.GiveAmmoHKUSP() - Get ammo for HKUSP
Cheat.GiveWeaponLRAC89() - Get LRAC89
Cheat.GiveAmmoLRAC89() - Get ammo for LRAC89
Cheat.GiveWeaponM1911() - Get M1911
Cheat.GiveAmmoM1911() - Get ammo for M1911
Cheat.GiveWeaponMilkorMGL140() - Get MilkorMGL140
Cheat.GiveAmmoMilkorMGL140() - Get ammo for MilkorMGL140
Cheat.GiveWeaponMP5sd6() - Get MP5sd6
Cheat.GiveAmmoMP5sd6() - Get ammo for MP5sd6
Cheat.GiveWeaponRPG7() - Get RPG7
Cheat.GiveAmmoRPG7() - Get ammo for RPG7
Cheat.GiveWeaponSPAS12() - Get SPAS12
Cheat.GiveAmmoSPAS12() - Get ammo for SPAS12

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